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Successfully selling businesses since 1986...

We understand that buying a business can seem a fairly daunting task, but then we’ve been doing it for over a quarter of a century so we’ve had lots of practice. We’re here to help and we’re just a phone call away.

We’ve been working with business owners since 1986 and we know the right way to sell a business. Talk to us and we’ll make sure you get the maximum return for all the effort you’ve put into your business

Latest Listings

Palmers Garden Centre Palmers Garden Centre


Exceed Your Expectations Exceed Your Expectations

Become a Fitness Club Owner

Well Known Asian supermarket on North Shore  Well Known Asian supermarket on North Shore


Import Distribution Skincare Import Distribution Skincare

$165,000 + Stock

Pita Pit - Paraparaumu Pita Pit - Paraparaumu

$350,000 + Stock

Service Station With Accommodation Service Station With Accommodation

$220,000 + stock

City Boutique Cake Shop City Boutique Cake Shop

$1,150,000 + Stock

It's Time To Go To HELL Auckland ! It's Time To Go To HELL Auckland !


BBQ Restaurant - City Fringe BBQ Restaurant - City Fringe

$138,000 + Stock

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