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Successfully selling businesses since 1986...

We understand that buying a business can seem a fairly daunting task, but then we’ve been doing it for over a quarter of a century so we’ve had lots of practice. We’re here to help and we’re just a phone call away.

We’ve been working with business owners since 1986 and we know the right way to sell a business. Talk to us and we’ll make sure you get the maximum return for all the effort you’ve put into your business

Latest Listings

Dunedin Cafe Dunedin Cafe

$170,000 + Stock

Super Shuttle Franchise - Auckland Super Shuttle Franchise - Auckland


Jeweller - Profits $200,000+ p.a. Jeweller - Profits $200,000+ p.a.

$300,000 + Stock

Restaurant / Function Centre - Dunedin Restaurant / Function Centre - Dunedin


North Shore Cake Shop North Shore Cake Shop


Printing/Signs - Outdoor Pursuit Region  Printing/Signs - Outdoor Pursuit Region


Tavern - Christchurch Tavern - Christchurch

$230,000 + Stock

Sales and Marketing	Sales and Marketing


Great Profit Margins - Low Over Heads Great Profit Margins - Low Over Heads

$55,000 + GST if any

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