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$380,000 - Manawatu

Industry: Wholesale


Business has been sold

Flowers are purchased every week to cover occasions such as births, deaths and marriages. You also have the likes of Valentine's Day, Mothers Day and graduations that all involve plenty of flowers.

Imagine owning a business that supplies the majority of those flowers to the regions florists. Manawatu Flower Market is that business and its for sale for only the second time in about 16 years.

Its a simple business model that doesn't require any experience or knowledge of flowers. The current owner, a former freezing worker, picked things up in a week or so. Flowers come in from growers and are then onsold to florists at two sales events each week.

The current owners enjoy the lifestyle aspect of this business as it doesn't involve big hours and is really only full-time work two days a week.

Flowers are not going out of fashion anytime soon and with systems in place to ensure stock is all sold each week there is little downside here. The regular client base of principally florists, turn up twice a week to buy the lastest offerings.

If you would like a simple to run business that produces results every week and gives you plenty of free time, look no further.

Ideally suited for a couple or family. Our information pack contains a lot more detail about this business and can be easily obtained by enquiring now. Jonathan Toomey - 027 216 7830 or Steve Davey - 027 257 6856.

Price $380,000

Location: Manawatu

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Jonathan Toomey

027 216 7830

Jonathan Toomey

027 216 7830

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Steve Davey

027 257 6856

Steve Davey

027 257 6856

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