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About Shaun

Shaun began his career as a senior marketing manager with BOCOM (top 4 commercial bank in China) for 6 years and area manager in a property insurance company for 8 years in China. Before joining ABC, Shaun had been a General Manager in a local health product company and has over 6 years of local experience in the hospitality industry including being a business owner himself. He has financial experience with over 15 years of banking as well as international trade and marketing.

He is an enthusiastic and motivated person with a professional manner, honest, reliable and caring person who will strive to achieve successful outcomes for sellers and buyers of businesses.

Shaun is a member of our Chinese team and speaks both English and Mandarin and has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

WeChat: shaun9001

Location: Auckland

Location: Chinese Team (华语团队)

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