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About Brock

Brock brings experience in digital marketing, and has helped many ABC business owners to achieve the successful sales of their business through strong digital campaigns.  His previous success in ABC’s marketing team has provided him with the knowledge, skills and insight to assist sellers to market their businesses effectively, and to stand out from the crowd. 
Brock brings a fresh approach to the "business sale" process from the initial thorough business appraisal, to effective targeted digital marketing campaigns , designed to identify potential buyers, using techniques that encourage them to stop and explore the business profile.  The results are more business enquiries and the potential for multi offer situations. 
In his experience "there are generally only two reasons why a business doesn’t sell;  it’s either overpriced or under promoted.   You only have one opportunity to sell your business, so you may as well do it right".  
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Location: Taranaki

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