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Angela is a member of our Chinese team and has excellent customer service and negotiating skills and speaks both English and Mandarin.

About Angela

Angela has a background in the furniture industry and six years experience as a Sales Manager in China. In 2002, Angela arrived in New Zealand and since then has worked as a Marketing Manager in Ceres Limited for two years. 

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Angela Zhu ,2012年加盟ABC公司,积累了丰富的行业经验,她强大的责任心,丰富的专业经验,热情和高效的工作能力,以及细致耐心的服务品质,得到了很多买家和卖家朋友的肯定和认可。这些年,她协助过很多华人的新老移民,为他们在异国他乡创业,开拓一份事业,提供了很多宝贵的专业意见和买卖建议。2019 年Angela Zhu 荣获ABC Top Sales 奖。


"Thank you so much Angela for selling our business. Your professionalism has amazed me. I still remember the hundred questions you asked during our first meeting while you attentively marked down the strength and limitations that we faced. Your friendly personality and intelligence made everything joyful. It clearly shows how much effort you put into this sale as you were always willing to go the extra mile and often worked with me after hours. You sold our business in just one month while other agents have tried for two years. You are our angel, I will definitely recommend you to all my friends. Thank you always."


Best Regards Vivian Wang


"My name is May. I was the owner of Lake Dumplings for 3 years. It was very stressful so of course I was very relieved when I finally sold it. Angela was very patient and professional even when there were lots of ups and downs when selling my business. She used her good marketing skills and a range of strategies to help us successfully sell the business. We are so very thankful and we will not hesitate to recommend Angela to our friends".

我的名字是May ,我是赖客饺子店的老板,我接手这个生意三年多了,生意很好 但因为家庭原因,我最终决定卖掉它时。在出售我的生意的过程中,即使有一些起起落落,Angela一直非常耐心,爱心和专业。她运用她良好的营销技巧以及一系列策略帮助我们成功得售出了这个生意。我们非常感谢她。我们会毫不犹豫地把Angela推荐给我们的朋友。

Regards May


“If you need to sell your business, just see Angela Zhu, the most professional and dedicated business broker we have ever met. Thanks for putting 100% effort into selling our small business. It’s been such a blessing to sell our business during the lockdown period. You helped us to have a closure with our past busy life and have enabled us to build a better future. We thank you for all your hard work.”

如果你需要出售你的生意,请考虑Angela Zhu。她是我们见过的最专业、最敬业的生意买卖经理人。感谢Angela为出售我们的小生意付出了100%的努力。在停工期间,她还能卖掉我们的生意,这真是太好了。她帮助我们结束了过去的忙碌生活,使我们能够建立一个更美好的未来。我们感谢Angela的辛勤工作。

Wendy & James 


Location: Auckland

Location: Chinese Team (华语团队)

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